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IPL Vs World Cup - Battle for ads

High admired two cricket events, IPL (Indian Premier League) season 4 and ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 are on doorstep to hit on the field, but before that, both events are on field for ads' battle. Advertisers cunfuse to invest for which events because it is not possible for any advertiser to invest on both cricket events.
IPL Vs World Cup - Battle for ads
The World Cup 2011 will kick off on 19 February 2011 and after just five days of world cup final the IPL season 4 will begin on April 8. In the World cup, total 49 matches will be played and in IPL 4 first time total 10 teams will play total 74 matches. The combined advertising funds of ICC World Cup and IPL may be Rs. 1,500 to 1700 crore.

The industry experts expected that IPL may possibly assemble big fraction than World cup. According to Television Audience Measurement (TAM), the average match ratings of the previous editions of the IPL were twice of the World Cup. IPL has already dealt with 11 sponsors; on other side World Cup has eight sponsors. It seems that the IPL has stronger viewership than World Cup. The president of Multi Screen Media (MSM), Rohit Gupta said, “From the total corpus of IPL and World Cup advertising expenditure, the IPL should definitely bag 60-65%.” He also stated, “Ad rates for the IPL touch Rs 5.5 lakh per ten seconds, which is 20-25% higher than previous editions. Spots have been virtually sold off by now, despite the World Cup happening first. IPL’s popularity is evident from the fact that its average match ratings are close to 5, compared to around 2.5 for the World Cup.

ESPN Star Sports network will be aired the ICC World Cup 2011. As per ESPN, as a policy the company does not reveal financials. But, the industry source told to FE that the Rs 1,700 crore combined ad spend in which the World Cup fund would be close to Rs 750 crore. He also said, “You must take into account that the World Cup has 49 matches, compared to around 74 matches in the IPL. Also, the amount of airtime available in the World Cup is determined by the ICC, which is not the case for the IPL.”

The Reliance Communications (RCOM), the India’s leading mobile company confirms its on-air policy for the World Cup and the IPL. For the upcoming cricket tournament ads, the company has assigned more than Rs 50 crore. Sanjay Behl from RCOM group head-brand & marketing department said, "We have become smarter as marketers as compared to a few years back. Cricket's costs have gone up and, therefore, we have to make sure that we micro-manage our investments to get best returns."

After learning from last World Cup tournament, the Korean based company LG Electronics has decided to not be exhibit on ESPN Star Sports (ESS) for World Cup. LG India’s marketing head, L K Gupta cleared, "The commercial deal did not work out for us, therefore, we have opted out of being on air but our consumer engagement plans and product launches will be big around the event and we expect a spike of 50% in sales over the last quarter." But, LK Gupta looks ahead to other hand viewership of IPL, so advertising will be possibly appeared during IPL event on official IPL broadcaster, SET Max.
MSM’s president told, "There are large outlays involved in such big cricketing properties and what IPL offers is a risk-free option unlike the World Cup."

The leading financiers, PepsiCo has decided to buzz during the tournament. The company will launch its campaign as "Change the game" for detecting the changes in cricket through out the years. The VP- marketing executive of PepsiCo India, Sandeep Singh Arora expressed, "We feel the World Cup is a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage in terms of our image as also our sales. The IPL, too, is a great platform but that does not take away anything from the efficiency of the World Cup." As per expectation of Group M, a country's largest media group, both the World Cup and the IPL have equal share in total Rs 1,500 crore ad funds, however the IPL has better average viewership ratings than World Cup.
The CMO of Philips India, Vivek Sharma said that from the last three years they have connected the cricket and it also became profitable for them. Vivek added that to achieve target of audience attention the World Cup is being a best means for them. The world cup event is full with excitement. They hope that they will get the viewer’s entire attention for world cup not like the extremely commercialized IPL tournament.
One of the leading automakers, Hyundai Motor has connected with the IPL since begging of the event. Its sales and marketing director said, “IPL helped us create brand equity. We would like to continue with the tournament, but need more clarity on the two tournaments before we make a final decision.”
Videocon Industries wants to spend for the both events, but maximum for IPL. As per Videocon Group chairman, Venugopal Dhoot they will not invest their cricket budget in to two same part but they spend three-fourths portion of their cricket budget on the IPL and one fourths on the World Cup.

As sponsors, PepsiCo, Hero Honda, Sony India, Nokia have been filed deal with the broadcaster of the World Cup, ESS. And on other side the IPL broadcaster, SET Max has Hyundai, Vodafone, Cadbury India plus seven other sponsors. From the official spokesman of ESS, it is learnt that from the 2007 edition the ICC has made some changes in format. An official spokesman said, "Yes, there has been some devaluation of the 50-over game but the World Cup has a special impact and that is the response we have got from advertisers.” Various categories advertisers like telecom, automobiles, insurance, and FMCG explains that to spend money for advertisement on both of events will be not potential for them.

Various categories advertisers like telecom, automobiles, insurance, and FMCG explains that to spend money for advertisement on both of events will be not potential for them.

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  1. I think two format have their own importance, one format is played for the country other is just entertainment and money for the players