Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top 10 Fit Players of IPL

Not only adore IPL players for their performance in matches but also inspire yourself with their daily exercise and diet schedule to stay fit and healthy.

Indian Premier League is considered as one of the most popular and successful cricket league, wherein every cricket lover can get a chance to see superb strokes and bowling of famous IPL players. To play catchy strokes and admiring bowling in IPL matches, physical and mental fitness of cricketers play a big role. Skill, intelligence and right understanding of the game of every player help to bring victory of the team. Here we are sharing details of top 10 fittest players playing in IPL.

Top 10 Fit Players of IPL
Virat Kohli: A young batsman from India, Virat Kohli, has scored big number of runs, plus he always make sure that he stay away from any big injuries. He loves to go in gym and to do combination of cardio and weights exercise on five days per week. He loves to do hardcore exercise and like to have healthy diet. During the matches, he includes protein shakes with carbs in his diet to stay healthy and focused on his performance. He always stays loud and aggressive in matches and stylish off the ground.

Chris Gayle: Christopher Henry Gayle is known for his outstanding batting style and scores. The hard hitter of era – Chris Gayle is very much focused on his daily workout session. He does 99 crunches and 5 sets of 20 pushups daily that help him to generate lots of power to hit ball with much power. He loves pasta and healthy breakfast in his diet. His strict and daily workout session helps him to become leading six-hitter in the T20.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: MS Dhoni has performed best as responsible captain, batsman and a wicketkeeper in many matches. He is one of the brilliant and calm players, who plays shots on right time and also have ability to hold one’s nerve under the pressure. Secret of his extreme fitness is numbers of squats and other exercises that he does daily without fail. He avoids junk food to stay healthy and fit.

Lasith Malinga: The Sri Lankan pace bowler Lasith Malinga might uproot stumps in batsman’s dream also with his accurate bowling. His one of the fast bowlers who work hard everyday to stay fit and maintain his performance on field. From the small age, every morning he goes for swimming to reach at her aunt’s place and plays soft ball till the night. He stays active all day long from his childhood, which is one of the reasons of his fitness. He do swimming to stay active and fit so that he can perform best in matches.

Jacques Kallis: Undoubtedly supreme all-rounder of his era, Kallis, has scored more than 13,000 test runs and 292 test wickets. So, it’s natural that he has good focus on his daily diet and workout plan to stay fit and fine on ground. He daily completes his workout without fail and stick to protein and carb diet that give him right amount of energy to stay active and perform his every role with full strength.

Mitchell Johnson: Johnson is one of the best players, to whom fans can expect to see some best bowling tricks in Indian Premier League. Mitchell Johnson has got training from the Australia’s special air service regiment. So, it’s quite natural that he has gone through the hardcore exercise during the training period. Being extraordinary player, he do not miss out his exercise schedule ever. He always stays focused on giving his best every time he comes to the ground.

Shane Watson: Shane Watson has made his name in the cricket history as a strong cricketer, who can hit the ball hard to cross boundary lines easily. He has converted his fragile and injury susceptible body in most healthy body so that he can hit the ball easily for long duration of time. He does exercise daily with number of squats and pushups. He has become overdeveloped with time, changing his playing style and exercise to stay fit.

Dale Steyn: An aggressive pace bowler Dale Steyn is also considered as one of the strong player in the IPL. He is inspiration for young bowlers. He daily spends many hours in gym to train his muscles in such a way that it helps him while bowling with full aggression. He built enough stamina in his body to do fast bowling for long duration with proper diet plan.

Shikhar Dhawan: The SRH skipper and emerging talent of India Shikhar Dhavan is fit player in the IPL that has already score big runs. He does exercise daily with yoga to have both flexibility and concentration at one time on ground. He daily takes protein rich breakfast and does his yoga session to become fit and strong physically.

Kevin Pietersen: Kevin Pietersen has made blasting entry in the cricket world with his outstanding performance. He hits sixes with all his strength, which is enough to discourage any bowler. He does hardcore exercise daily that includes squats, crunches, pushups and weighting exercises that let him stay perfectly fit all the time.

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