Monday, January 10, 2011

No place for some blasters in IPL 2011 : Ganguly, Jayasuriya, Gayle & Boucher

A jolt took place during IPL (Indian Premier League) auction 2011 when any franchises were not interested for bidding to some big blasters like Sourav Ganguly, Jayasuriya, Gayle and Boucher. Two days IPL auction 2011 has been concluded on Sunday.
No place for some blasters in IPL 2011 : Ganguly, Jayasuriya, Gayle & Boucher
Last year, Sourav Ganguly stayed as a skipper of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and also KKR franchise’s top-scorer, but for this IPL’s upcoming season 4 he has no place in IPL 2011 even not in his last season franchise’s Kolkata Knight Riders. It is very odd for his all fans. Previously, the base price of Ganguly was taken in the price bracket of $200,000 then he placed his name in highest price bracket of $400,000.

Ganguly has extended his cricket career for just playing Indian Premier League, but now he has faced biggest rebuff from the IPL after failing to find any single bidder among the 10 teams.

Bengal’s Ranji Trophy winning skipper and former Indian cricketer, Sambaran Banerjee indicated about Sourav Ganguly that Kolkata Knight Riders would lose its charm and identity without Ganguly.

At the time of auctions, an official who was there said to media, "The writing was clear once he doubled his base price from $ 200,000. May be he thought that he would have takers at that price. One need to realise that guys like Dravid and Laxman are still playing international cricket whereas he has quit top flight cricket two years back."

Like that, West Indies’ legendary, Brian Lara also ruined his position by leaping into the IPL bandwagon. He was also failed to find any franchise who invests on him but it is due to the reason of his retired about three years so no one was ready to take a risk.

Bollywood superstar and the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan has keep his point on some mind-boggling buying like Indian team’s opener Gautam Gambhir ($2.4 million), India’s big-hitter Yusuf Pathan ($2.1 million) and South African star Jacques Kallis ($1.1 million).

Other cricket players, Robin Uthappa and Rohit Sharma also signed up big deal over two million marks. Shockingly, Irfan Pathan was also purchased by Delhi Daredevils with high amount of US$1.9 million (Rs 8.74 crore) who had not participated in the last season cricket tournament.

However, few foremost names like West Indies batting star Chris Gayle, Boucher, Graeme Manou, Matt Prior, Sanath Jayasuriya, Herschelle Gibbs have been also remained unsold in the high-profile auction.
The cricket star of South Africa, Herschelle Gibbs who stayed unsold similar to Sourav Ganguly, tweeted on Twitter, “bout the auction, just wanna say I'm slightly disappointed but easy with all this. very interesting to see whos gone where and for how much.”

Chris Gayle said, "I'm sure all those IPL franchises, everyone will know what I'm capable of." He added, "I didn't have anything to prove. It's unfortunate things didn't come off in the IPL, disappointed, but at the same time you've got to live life, and still got to move on."

As per reports, the new franchise may bid for Ganguly, however they changed their mind later than Ganguly raised his price.

The auction cleared that all ten franchises want to bid for just youngster like Ravindra Jadeja who sold out for $950,000 instead of investing on Ganguly's experience.

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  1. very true... ganguly lost interest on cricket n lara as well... gayle n boucher i would say its purely a bad luck for them..anyways hope to see them back on season5...